Webinar: Getting started with gomo

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If you’ve signed up for
gomo’s free trial but either haven’t had the chance to get started, or you have some questions, then we’ve got you covered.

gomo can transform your organization’s learning. We’ll show you how to create a course from start to finish and distribute it to learners instantly. Our live session lasts 45-60 minutes and will nail the most common questions people ask about our award-winning authoring suite. We’ll have you up and running on gomo before you know it!

Trial expired or about to? Not a problem: just attend this session and we’ll extend your trial for seven days.

Join this presentation to discover:

  • How to create beautiful multi-device content straight out of the box
  • The best way to distribute content and courses to end users instantly
  • How to embed your course into any website or LMS

Register now:

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Thursday, Jan 09, 2020
10am CT / - / 4pm GMT

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