Webinar: Harnessing native apps for learning

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With challenges of app store approval, connectivity, tracking and course updates, delivering learning content direct to devices has never been easy.

The all-new gomo central app overcomes these challenges, allowing L&D teams to easily deliver content direct to a native app ready for consumption by learners around the world.

This is a groundbreaking new feature that we’re really excited about. Join us to check out this transformational authoring feature and to learn about.

  • The problems associated with distributing learning to devices
  • Harnessing the cloud for e-learning delivery
  • What the gomo central app means for teams
  • What the gomo central app means for learners
  • Delivering content to devices with the gomo central app.

Harnessing native apps for learning [Webinar]

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Tuesday, Jan 19, 2016
15:00 - 16:00

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