Webinar: Microlearning: Your new sales strategy (USA)

Woman using a tablet

Microlearning is targeted learning in bite-sized chunks that focus on a specific product, feature or service in easy-to-consume learning modules.

Join gomo’s Business Development Manager, Thom Tate, and Managing Director, Mike Alcock, for a closer look at the topic of Microlearning and why it should be part of any elearning strategy.

Join this webinar to:

  • Unpack what Microlearning really means
  • Discover the challenges facing today’s modern learners and how Microlearning can overcome them
  • Know when to use – and not use – Microlearning for maximum results
  • What to look for in a Microlearning platform and draw from gomo’s industry experience
  • See real-life Microlearning examples and understand how organizations have achieved results

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Tuesday, May 09, 2017
10:00-11:00 (PT) / - / 13:00-14:00 (ET)

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