Webinar: [Recording] Transform your learning strategy: automotive with Volvo

a Volvo car - representing choosing an elearning authoring tool in the automotive sector

Join Mike Alcock (gomo MD), and special guest Dolf Smuts (Volvo, Management & Performance Manager), for an exclusive look at creating an effective training strategy within the automotive sector.

This webinar will explore content creation, distribution, and analytics to improve learner behavior and retention within the ever-evolving automotive space. We’ll look at how Volvo solved core learning challenges with in-team learning design and the impact that gomo has had across alternative areas of the business. Hear first-hand Volvo’s solutions to some of their most significant challenges.

Mike will draw upon his experience helping some of the biggest names in automotive refine and improve their training strategy.

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Thursday, Oct 27, 2016
15:00 - 16:00

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