The Power of Security and Cloud-Based Authoring Tool Features [ebook]

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With more and more businesses worldwide taking advantage of the power of a cloud-based authoring tool, enhanced security remains one of the main considerations for L&D teams. As a relatively new mainstream technology, and in light of a string of high-profile data breaches at the likes of Yahoo! and Equifax, the safety of cloud-based systems has come under scrutiny.

Security, of course, is just as much of a concern for teams working with fixed, on-premise systems as it is for those benefiting from a cloud-based authoring tool.

In fact, part of the attraction of working in the cloud is the many opportunities the technology offers to solve in-house security challenges while mitigating the worries of not keeping up with the latest updates.

How a cloud-based authoring tool can help your organization

You might not know that Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides the lightning fast, super-reliable infrastructure behind gomo’s cloud-based authoring tool.

The effect of AWS becoming widely available in recent years has been a leveling of the playing field, with organizations of all sizes able to access sophisticated, scalable data storage.

In the free gomo ebook, ‘The power of security and cloud-based authoring tool features’, we dig deeper into what the cloud does, why it’s so secure, and how it can transform the way you work and learn.

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  • Where data is held in a cloud-based authoring tool
  • How a cloud-based authoring tool makes team collaboration easier than ever before

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