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Collaboration, Content Creation, Multi-language content

“The Gomo team not only sped up their microlearning creation plans to assist us in training our authors, they also worked with our regional colleagues to create and incorporate captions for this training in languages such as Japanese. Their flexibility and willingness to support us to overcome this challenge has allowed us to achieve our goal of training more than 150 authors worldwide within the first year of introducing Gomo.” — Panagiotis Argyropoulos, HR Service Partner, Training & Development Department, TDK


Collaboration, Content Creation

“If I look at how our designers felt pre-Gomo, compared to how they feel now, there’s been a huge growth of self-confidence. Team members were formerly responsible for any and all aspects of the course: Gomo has allowed designers to move into specialisms, as digital designers, instructional designers, media designers. It used to sometimes take weeks to get projects through the process—we can now turn a course around in a day.” — Pinda Dhillon, Director of Learning and Development


Content Creation

“Unconscious bias is a subject that requires empathy and introspection from learners. In our course, Gomo’s many different interactive screen layouts combined with the great imagery LEO selected tell rich and relatable stories from named characters, based on real-life scenarios. This leads to a less regimented and more engaging course that our clients and their employees love.” – Pam Pujo, Affirmity Diversity Advocate


Content Creation, Multi-language content

"Gomo’s flexible templates and all the different layout types and effects result in courses that look great and prime our trainees to learn, especially on mobile. The tool’s multilingual capability is naturally perfect for our international audience—the English content was easy to export and hand to our translators, and once they were done, importing their localized versions was just a simple." – Shona Henderson, Director of Global Learning Solutions.


Content Creation, Video learning

"Gomo’s visual rhetoric capabilities made it an immediate frontrunner when we were selecting an authoring product. We expected the courses to be relatively media-heavy, while being accessible in places with slow internet connections, on any device. Our courses don’t just look great; there are lots of clever layouts and interactive parts that our learners love looking into." – Lori Long, HFA Institute Director

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Content Creation

"Using Gomo to host and deliver the project ensured that no part of the ambitious design had to be compromised. We now have an experience that used all the right methods to deliver critical learning messages in the best way and in the best possible context.” – Richard Pedley, Fidelity International UK’s Learning Project Manager


Content Creation, Converting to HTML5, Distribution, Multi-language content

"People prefer courses authored in Gomo over previous versions of those courses. We’ve seen an increase in completion rates since moving to Gomo. Our courses can now be completed on mobiles and tablets, which is a huge win for us. It looks great on every device." – Alejandro del Mazo Alonso, Rentokil Initial's U+ Content Developer


Collaboration, Content Creation, Converting to HTML5, Customization, Distribution

"Our trainers are saying that, with Gomo, it's so easy to know what to access on a content level. We can give people content that's relevant to them, whether they're in a retail or call center environment, or anywhere else. Using Gomo allows us to bring out the best from a cosmetic point of view, with beautiful backgrounds, page assets, and pop-ups. It's made a massive difference." – Dharmesh Chauhan, Senior Online L&D Consultant for Client Sales


Content Creation, Distribution

“The program of content required a mobile-first authoring platform with the flexibility to provide a truly customized look and feel, one that provides an engaging experience for our learners... Gomo was the tool that meant this could happen.” - Karina Chiechi, Learning & Development Manager Godiva Americas


Collaboration, Content Creation, Customization, Distribution

"The course embodies our aspirational culture and values. As a learner, you feel valued. It feels interactive and media-rich. It’s light and easy to maintain, but it also feels super-slick." – James Barton, Royal Mail Group's Online Learning Manager

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Content Creation, Converting to HTML5, Distribution

"We have increased our use of Gomo over time. We initially trained up our internal team but it quickly became flavor of the month so we had to up our subscription to 15 licenses... Gomo is a saving grace for putting out projects." – Euan Hay, Santander's Digital & Innovation Specialist


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